Why the SinisterCraft?

The best server ever! Lightweight is the way!

Faster than Flash

Our server is hosted on a dedicated server located in the United States. There server was created with performance in mind.

Locally play

Near to you! As we have no lag, the ping is also extremely low. Seems you're playing locally!

Guaranteed fun.

Find the love of your Minecraft. Play with us and increase


News coming out of the oven!

Survival Server Reset

Our survival server has been reset and a custom world generation plugin has ben added! Along with new dungeons spread accrost the map makign the survival experiance that much more exciting.
Go out there explore the new terrain! We have also dubbled are map size so you can find that perfect spot to build that home you always wanted.
Also dont forget about the player shops! Builed your ecconomic empire with player shops make a market to sell your goods.

And don't forget to have fun!


Some features of our Server!

Great Economy

Our economy is very balanced! There is no way to be very rich or very poor.
Buy items from the server market or from player market! Or kill wild mobs to gain money.
And you might just get a spot on the leaderboards!

Grief Prevention System

We have an amazing plugin called GriefPrevention that allows you to claim land. This will help you protect all your most precious items
Build your house or make a village or even a grand market!

Friendly PVP

SinisterCraft has toggle able PVP
This allows players that just wish to build worry free of other player to do so!
But you can always show off your PVP skills with /pvp.

Listen to the players!

Several famous people play at SinisterCraft and recommend to everyone to come and meet the family!


SinisterCraft, The server owner.

"How can you live in a house without bees!"

"Let me get you a few for you to enjoy."